On Saturday, September 26th 2020, ABQLUG will be hosting an event where we will show you how to setup a Raspberry Pi with Pi-hole.

Pi-hole is a local DNS service that will sinkhole domain names that known to show ads. A very common example would be setting a mobile phone to use your local Pi-hole DNS service, that way you could watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone at home without any ads. Pi-hole enables users to host their own pseudo-DNS without having to learn something like BIND.

If you, like many, have a Raspberry Pi laying around – unused. This would be a perfect beginners project.

We plan on gathering virtually to demonstrate the setup process, and some beginner tips afterwards.

We will do this either through the self-hosted Jisti-meet server we have been using for the monthly meetups. Or through Zoom as a backup, if there are enough attendees to make us worry about bandwidth.

Information can be found here on how to attend virtually:

We will be giving away five Raspberry Pi 3 for free!

If you already have a Raspberry Pi, we ask that you bring your own. We are strictly volunteers that are giving resources out of our own pockets.

If you always wanted to own a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer, this is the model we are giving away.

More information can be found here: [LINK]

Special Event: How to setup Pi-hole at home (September 26, 2020)
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