ABQLUG hosted it’s first official meeting on June 4th at 6:00 pm.

For detailed information on how to attend, please refer to the attendee page.

This meeting was hosted at Ideas & Coffee.

There was no need to RSVP, at that time

If ever you intended to consume refreshments, please consider to bringing some refreshments for others. I normally will provide water and something edible.

What happened during the meetup:

  • We discussed some ideas on how to reach out to the local community and how to invite “normal people” to start using open source software. We talked about how showcasing software can help invite new users to use something that is new to them. And how the LUG can help by basically demonstrating software how to use unfamiliar software.
  • We also discussed the importance of self-hosting your data. Learning how to setup “cloud” services from home is a very valuable asset. From NextCloud to ZoneMinder, we want to help others take back their data!
  • An attendee came up with the idea to reach out to younger kids and show them what they can do with FOSSoftware. Maybe help them setup Linux on a computer, or learn how to use FOSSoftware on their existing machines. If you have any direct information or have any contacts to the APS board, please contact me!

A couple of people had some questions on specific software they wanted to use under Linux:

  1. CRM software. Which is the best for (non-profit) organizations. Can we help organizations start using Linux?
  2. Setting up some form of CMS for a family to share pictures and videos. Has to be ‘fully’ encrypted, and secured from outsiders on the internet. Unfederated Mastodon would probably be best.
  3. How to install the latest Ancestral Quest v15 on Linux Mint 19.1. I’m trying to avoid suggesting a Windows VM. Wine should work since it works with v14. Needs some research still.
  4. How to get the latest version of Quicken to work under Linux Mint 19.1.
  5. How to get Dropbox to work under Linux Mint. I think the issue wasn’t with Dropbox, more testing is needed to see if the issue is resolved.

When I started this LUG I was looking to fix “bigger issues.” I gave a direct example of dark fiber in certain neighborhoods. However, I couldn’t think of any other “bigger” issues at that time. I know that almost any type of fiber maintenance is very complicated and expensive. Above all, there is not enough momentum in the LUG, yet, to change the minds of government entities and companies. If the meetups start to get bigger, we can re-visit at looking to fix these “bigger issues.”

Sorry for the chicken scratch… I used the whiteboard as a sticky note -.-

Last Edit: 2019-07-29

Meetup 0-day
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